From the assignment to the admission

In order to be able to approve your products as quickly as possible and cost-effectively, efficient planning is necessary.

Step 1 – Request

At the beginning of a successful cooperation there is always the first contact or a specific test request.

Step 2 – Consultancy

Before we submit you a tailor-made offer, we clarify with you the goals and necessities and probable questions that may arise. These include, for instance, the number of trials to be carried out, the geographical location and any specific characteristics of the crop as well as technical solutions.

The project manager in charge will inform you about special features or specific problems at any time and discuss quick and easy solutions with you. Even last-minute change requests can be incorporated in the tests.

Step 3 – Planning and organization of the study

Once the order has been placed, our project managers creates the test plans for your projects. If you approve, the project managers will begin with a smooth processing of the studies. This includes close contact with you as well as ordering the test substances and necessary materials.

By maintaining close contact with our test engineers, the project manager can always share the latest information on the studies with you.

This enables us to discuss unforeseen difficulties without wasting time and to find a way to successfully complete your tests.

Step 4 – Field tests

According to the specifications of the test plan and in constant exchange with our project managers, the tests are carried out by our test engineers. As soon as data on the tests is available, it is entered or loaded directly into our software. This means that our test data is always up to date and available to you.

Step 5 – Evaluation and reporting

After completing the studies, the project managers prepare reports immediately. The draft report is available to the customer no later than 4 weeks after the end of the trial. If changes are required, they will be taken into account before we send you the signed final version.

Step 6 – BAD-approval

If you wish, we will prepare the BAD (Biological Assessment Dossier) and dRR (draft Registration Report) for submission to the responsible regulatory authorities once the project has been completed and all data is available.