Potato Europe 2018

Field Research Support is partner of Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft (DLG) e. V. In 2018 we were again available to our customers as a service provider for the installation and execution of their trade fair appearances. Potato Europe 2018 took place on Sept. 12th and 13th 2018 at manor Bockerode (Rittergut Bockerode).

For 13 exhibitors from the fields of potato breeding, catch crop cultivation, plant protecting agents and fertilisation, we were responsible for the work from creating the exhibition area to the perfect fair booth. The consistently positive feedback and a new record number of visitors underline the importance of this event. It has been the third time that Field Research Support was partner of DLG and its exhibitors.


Vegetable and Weeds Day at our test field

In 2013, in cooperation with BASF, we organised a bonitour rating exercise on our test field. The focus was on evaluating weeds and vegetable gardening.

A bonitur rating exercise serves the purpose of the certain recognition of diseases, pests and weeds. It is also used to assess infestation levels and frequencies and the effects of plant protection agents. We aim to achieve am uniform and comparable basis for valuation of all test engineers.

DLG Field Days Bockerode 2010

We were the service provider for some companies for the planting, sowing, care and design of the stands.