Field Research Support

Your contract institute for agricultural research

Our strength: Agricultural research

As a service provider, we conduct research for our customers in the areas of crop protection, fertilisers and plant varieties.

We have been conducting efficacy rating trials according to GEP since 1997 and residue tests under GLP since 2000. We organise and conduct agricultural studies throughout Europa and create BADs for the registration of agricultural products.

In our trials we work with all common crops and many special cultures.

Helmut Zöllner | Managing Director


In order to support the data and results acquired in the field, it is often necessary or required to further examine the crop for substances of various matter or toxins.


In cooperation with GLP-certified analytical laboratories, Field Research Support organises complete residue studies as field or greenhouse trials.


In order to make the approval of your products as easy as possible, we complement our service by providing Biological Assessment Dossiers (BAD).

Terrestrial Ecotoxicology

With over 20 years of experience as a contract institute for Agricultural research, we have expanded our portfolio into terrestrial ecotoxicology higher tier studies to further support the registration and approval process of plant protection products and other control agents.

Our team: experienced and competent

Our headquarters are located in Wunstorf, Lower Saxony, near Hanover. There are currently 16 permanent employees working here. 6 employees work at our second location in Poland.

Our network in Europe

You benefit from more than 20 years of experience, international networking and the best contacts to the state authorities.